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How to find a job in Sofia?

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How to find a good job in Sofia?

Finding a job in Sofia can be a challenge for those who are not acquainted with the country, the city, the labour market, the companies, the vacancies, the requirements and duties the openings are bound with, etc.

Actually, Sofia has lots of job-opportunities to offer. In particular for people speaking two or more foreign languages, because many international companies are outsourcing their customer care, recruiting, IT-support, and many more business activities to Bulgaria. This can be seen particularly in the city of Sofia, where young and enthusiastic people with strong communication skills populate customer-care departments that deal with clients all over Europe. In order to qualify for such a position candidates should have problem-solving skills and be customer and result oriented. Not on the last place they have to be prepared to work in a dynamic and multinational environment. This should foster them in getting acquainted with the business etiquette of countries where key clients and partners of the company operate.

Job in Sofia

There are plenty of jobs in Sofia

For those candidates who are speaking more than two foreign languages (i.e. in general English with German, English with French, English with Russian) and on top also pursue a university degree in Sales or Marketing (or preferably have already obtained one) Sofia has to offer hundreds of sales and key account management positions as well. Applicants for those appointments must have strong business understanding, marketing knowledge and the necessary commercial acumen in order to be able to appreciate the market and be able to influence the other party during the negotiation process. Companies can be found here that operate in very specific niches where finding appropriate candidates can become very difficult. Hence, the cooperation with executive search  agencies in Bulgaria has become very common.

Not on the last place candidates with a degree in Computer Science might think of a career in Sofia as IT-specialists. Besides the relatively high salary (not only compared to the average living income in Bulgaria, but also on a European scale), such jobs provide dynamic opportunities for professional growth in the future and lure the young specialists in the field. And when it comes to the application process: professional programming experience could be or could be not a requirement, depending on the level of the position candidates are applying for. So there are also opportunities for individuals that are less IT-minded, but show a general interest in IT.

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