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Your are searching for a job in Bulgaria with an international company, or you are based in Bulgaria but looking for a job abroad? Then we want to learn more about your background and your ambitions!

Our specialization as a recruitment agency is the recruitment of (not only senior) managers and staff with German language skills. So if you are a fluent German speaker or have at least an exceptional command of the English language, there is a good chance that we are right now searching candidates for a suitable vacancy at one of our clients. We guarantee the highest level of confidentiality considering all information related to any future placement process. We will communicate your data to an interested employer only with your acceptance.

Useful information about Jobs and Bulgaria

We have gathered some general information on our website. Here you can learn what expat jobs are offered in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a small country, but not that small – in fact it covers 110.994 km² which is only slightly smaller than the 130.395 km² of England. No wonder that there are differences in hunting for a job in Varna or getting a job in Sofia.

Once an employer gets interested in your application and you get an invitation for an interview, you might have a look at the tips for a job interview in Bulgaria we have written down.

Get in contact with us!

If you looking forward to activate your career and think that you have the potential for a high-level business career, please feel free to contact us through our contact form. But also for non-managing roles we are recruiting, for both international companies with offices in Bulgaria and for job opportunities abroad. Successful candidates you should be able to speak German or at least English on a high level.


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