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Recruiting for Sales positions in Bulgaria

Balkaninvest works mostly with non-Bulgarian companies as its clients, and this since 2009. From the beginning it was a typical scenario that we were approached by prospects with lines like “We are setting up a sales network for the Sofia-region and need a reliable partner for our recruiting” or “Our Sales Reps are not performing well, the Sales manager is not doing his job properly and the reporting is a disaster. Can you help us with finding new sales force?”. Or, for a last example: “We generate a lot of leads but the sales, in particular with our top client, are not close to what we expect them to be. We are in need of an experienced Key account manager with matching industry knowledge and a solid personal network here.” This is how we learned that sales positions are so crucial for most companies, no closed deals means end of business on the long run!

Are there any Sales Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria?

As you can see from our website and the published vacencies we are not exclusively recruiting for sales positions, but due to the small size of the Bulgarian market there are – to be honest – no specialized Sales Recruitment Agencies at all. However, we gained a great deal of specialized knowledge about sales recruiting for various industries and companies of all sectors and nationalities. In fact there is only a handfull of agencies with constant searches for sales positions on the local market, and we are one of them.

We know the sales person market because our consultants are reaching out every day to find the best sales talents for our client companies. We know who’s good, who’s not, and we know when a compensation plan just changed, a trading company is leaving the market and great salesmen (and saleswomen, of course) are ready to move!

Sales Recruiting Bulgaria

How to find great sales people?

A good sales person, be it a Sales manager with outstanding organizational skills, a Key account manager who can built up long-lasting business relationships, or just a gifted Sales Representative, is (almost) never unemployed. And on the road (or working outbound from his office) – so no time to check job advertisements. This is why we do not rely on inbound applications for this particular search: We know very well that the best sales-force needs to be proactively recruited! This is also called headhunting or direct search, and we know how to do it. Our recruiting team is intensively trained to develop a search strategy and to find potential candidates – and they know how to approach them the sales way! And last, not least: All our searches are accompanied by a solid investigation of the application documents of our candidates and a check of the given references if applicable (background check) before we share them with you.

Do you want to learn more about our record in Sales recruitment? Do you agree that sales positions are crucial for the success of your company? Would you rather pay a specialized recruiting agency to help you with filling the position for a moderate fee instead of waiting for more mediocre applications and losing a lot of turnover?

If you have already reached that point, you should not lose any more time and get in contact with one of our consultants now. The more details you share in your initial message, the quicker we can start working with you. Please use our contact form or give us a call!

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Sales positions we filled in the past

  • Sales manager for cosmetic industry
  • Sales representative sanitary products
  • Area Sales Manager (metal products)
  • Sales manager for food industry
  • Country manager medical devices
  • Country Sales manager stationary goods
  • Sales representative logistics
  • Freelance sales representative
  • Sales representative meat industry
  • Key account manager IT services

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