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There are thousands of recruitment agencies all over the world and that is not accidental: lots of sectors in the world economy work on international recruitment basis, for example social care, health, finance, engineering, technology. And in almost every country one can surely think of at least one foreigner fulfilling the duties of a position in the sectors mentioned.

So choosing the right international recruitment agency could be a very difficult task as the global executive search for personnel cannot be standardized. Delivering high-effective local solutions to the country of need of the client is a costly service and requires associates acquainted with the specific markets, culture and language.

Specifics of recruiting between countries

In this way the international recruitment is different from the traditional national recruitment in many ascpects. For example it does not involve only those three traditional parts of the service: executive search (head hunting), assessment and selection of applicants. International recruiting also includes relocation management and post-placement support. That does not mean that candidate attraction is off the list!

International Recruitment

Some international recruitment agencies offer job seekers not only assistance during the application process but also introduction to living and working in their new location country after being hired by the new company. That exceptional part of the job which is done by the recruitment specialists adds value to the services they offer because not only help they candidates quickly adapt and grow within the new environment but also give they their business clients a better picture: whether the international recruit will remain in post and for how long, and more importantly whether he or she will enjoy the new country stay and experience.

Labour Cost as a driver of workforce mobility

Especially popular are the international recruitment services in Eastern Europe (e.g. Bulgaria) and Russia. In those regions candidates strive for work in specific countries of the EU (like Germany), where wages and social benefits have other dimensions. No matter whether applicants or agencies are more interested in, the same rules as already described above apply both ways.

Having said this: If you are looking for a reliable partner with many years of experience and excellent knowledge of the Bulgarian market, you might be interested to get in contact with the Balkaninvest-team and ask for a free consultation. Trust in our profesionalism with your recruitment in Bulgaria-needs! We support in particular companies with an international set-up.

This article covers the attraction of future employees to move from one country into another. But maybe you were looking for something else? Because international recruitment could also be understood as recruitment services for country A to be executed from country B. Usually there should be a price gap between these countries that should outweight the drawbacks and side effects of such an outsourcing. The term Recruitment Process Outsourcing is nowadays commonly used to describe this approach. And if you are interested to learn more about our expertise and services in this field, please get in contact.

Do you need an experienced HR-Partner for your outsourcing plans in Bulgaria?

The markets we serve

The language and cultural set-up of our recruitment team allows us to deliver services for the following markets

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

Other markets to be discussed.

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