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Executive search in Bulgaria

Our Bulgarian recruitment agency aims to fill positions on various levels. This includes targeted services in executive search. We are not entirely focusing on C-level positions, but even for rare specialists the headhunting approach can be the best choice. We are on the local market since the year 2009.

We define our company as a boutique recruitment  firm with a strong specialization on international business environments. Through our German management we have a good network within the German-speaking business community in Bulgaria and are a well-known name for professionals of all levels with a particular interest in German companies based in Bulgaria. However, our search may as a matter of fact also address English speakers or any other language set.


Headhunting for C-level positions in Sofia, Plovdiv and countrywide

The dominant hub in Bulgaria is the capital Sofia. Due to many multinational companies with its headquarters in Sofia and the strong academic infrastructure it is the predominant base for headhunting agencies. We are present in the very city centre with our office and can offer you our services at the spot where the talents are – professional executive search in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A search for high-potentials or leaders with an already proven track-record in senior management positions needs a solid understanding of the Bulgarian market which we can offer. We differentiate ourselves in comparison to other executive search firms, both local shops or Bulgarian branches of international networks, through our focus on management-talents and rare specialists with German language skills.

If you want to find out more about what we are doing we are looking forward to get in contact with you. We would be glad to support you with your executive search in Bulgaria – with a focus around Sofia and Plovdiv area. For top-management positions we provide executive search countrywide.

You need an experienced Recruitment-Partner to fill your management positions in Bulgaria?

Some examples of management positions we worked on:

CEO for a medical company

Our client is a world leader in a specific sector of medical applications. We managed to fill the position of a CEO on time and on budget so that the client could continue with his business expansion in Bulgaria.

Plant manager mechanical industry

Due to poor results our client asked us to find a replacement for the position of the plant manager in a small town in Bulgaria. Ideally he aimed for a fresh and energetic individual with German language skills. Despite of the difficulty to attract solid candidates to work outside the big cities, we found a very suitable manager in a reasonable time who covered all the client asked for.

CEO for IT company

This client, an international IT company with a team of developers in Sofia, contacted us because the performance of its CEO was not satisfying at all. Our mission: To find a replacement in a discreete way, ideally with German language skills. We managed to present several matching candidates and the client could fill the position to his full satisfation within his budget.

Why using an executive search agency is a good idea

There are several benefits for an employer to work with an executive search firm, including:

  • Access to a wider pool of candidates: Executive search firms typically have a large network of contacts and can access a wider pool of qualified candidates than an employer may be able to find on their own.
  • Expertise in the field: Executive search firms have specialized knowledge and expertise in the industry they serve, which can help employers find the right candidate for a specific role.
  • Time-saving: Executive search firms can save employers time by managing the recruiting process, including screening candidates, conducting interviews, and negotiating compensation.
  • Cost-effective: Executive search firms often have access to resources and tools that can save employers money, such as pre-employment assessments and background checks.
  • Confidentiality: Executive search firms can help maintain the confidentiality of the hiring process, which is especially important for companies that want to fill a high-level position without alerting the competition or current employees.
  • Quality of Hire: Executive search firms have access to a pool of pre-vetted, pre-qualified and pre-interviewed candidates, which means the chance of a successful hire is higher than if the employer had sourced the candidate on their own.
  • Objectivity: Executive search firms provide an objective perspective on the hiring process, and can help employers identify the best fit for a specific role, rather than just hiring someone based on personal or familiar relationship.

  • Cultural fit: Executive search firms are experts in assessing a candidate’s fit with a company’s culture and values. This is important because hiring someone who doesn’t align with the company’s culture can lead to poor performance and high turnover rates.

  • Retention: Executive search firms can help employers retain top talent by providing guidance on compensation packages, benefits, and other incentives that will attract and retain top executives.
  • Succession planning: Executive search firms can assist employers in developing a long-term strategy for succession planning, which can help ensure a smooth transition when key executives leave the organization.

We from Balkaninvest are happy to learn more about your needs and ideally convince you to work with us on filling your key vacancy.

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