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Graduate recruitment services for employers

The aim of Balkaninvest is to help internationally orientated companies to find employees that make a difference at work. In order to provide our clients with services and helping them be more competitive on the market nowadays, we are glad complement our portfolio with graduate recruitment assistance for employers. Statistics indicates that a constantly growing stake of EU-employers increase their intake of university leavers and need assistance in organizing the process of selection and recruitment linked to that intake.

Target high-quality candidates among students, graduates and postgrads

Through the graduate recruitment services for employers we help companies target high-quality candidates and fulfill their recruitment needs so that they are able to choose future associates among students, graduates and postgraduates, whose qualifications and degree of suitability we have already analyzed and tested before presenting them to the client. In such a way employers do not have to face the biggest and most time-consuming barrier in hiring university leavers, namely the initial selection of applicants.

Our graduate recruitment services in Bulgaria

How can I benefit from the Balkaninvest’s graduate recruitment services for employers? Our recruiting agency offers you a complete package of services: advertising the openings in your company to the target universities, making your company name more recognizable among outstanding students and potential candidates, assisting in the process of meeting and interviewing the short-listed applicants. Except using the service for job-postings you may also take advantage of the opportunity to take part in university events, brand sections at university fairs, use any other university events and facilities in order to present the alternatives your company gives to the best-performing students and alumni.

Partnerships with Medical Universities in Bulgaria

Since the recruitment of medical specialists is one of our main areas of expertise we try to sustain good working relations with most Medical Universities in Bulgaria. And beside of the aim to attract the best students for our recruiting services and connect them with great job opportunities after graduation, we started with an supplemental service: To support international students that want to study medicine or dentistry in Bulgaria we launched the brand medigate – study medicine in Bulgaria in 2015. This is just another proof of our company focus on the most interesting areas around HR and qualification.

Why partnering with Balkaninvest pays off

Working closely with both employers and students (through fruitful partnerships with the universities’ career centers as well) we are playing the role of a bridge between the companies and desired employees, and between the students and the desired workplaces. Thus, we provide firms with a better choice between young enthusiastic individuals, who possess the necessary background and are considered appropriate for the particular company’s vision, structure, requirements, goals, culture and ethics.

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