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How to find a job in Plovdiv?

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How to find a job in Plovdiv?

Being the second largest town in Bulgaria after the capital Sofia Plovdiv has many opportunities for people with the proper qualifications. As a city with low unemployment rate (compared to the average unemployment rate in Bulgaria) as well as a charming atmosphere (giving people the chance to spend nice summer evenings in the old town) Plovdiv is a good choice for a place of residence for people willing to develop themselves in the manufacturing business or for those preferring administrative positions in international companies.

Job in Plovdiv

In order to qualify for a manufacturing job candidates are expected to have relevant education (university degree for expert personnel and high-level management and specialized secondary or vocational education degree for low-level employees). Those applicants looking for a performer position have the chance for a start-up one after a training provided by the company. In such cases requirements are lower and the job is connected with identical tasks to be performed every day. Still, if the company is a foreign one, a vital requirement is the fluency in the organization’s official communication language.

Talking of the other party (more qualified personnel): engineers are expected to have several years of working experience in the area of the business the companies are competing in, as well as knowledge of quality and problem solving techniques to implement corrective or preventive actions if necessary. Experience with quality control management systems (the ISO series, for example) could be an optional or obligatory requirement depending on the standards the companies are working with. Organizational and planning skills are a compulsory asset for those looking for a vertical development of their career within the future organization. An interesting job for IT engineers is the one for a microcontroller-programmer’s vacancies, which requires a very specific education in electronics, though.

Not on the last place Plovdiv offers workplaces at international companies looking for administrative staff. That is a great opportunity for result-oriented individuals with relevant education and experience to gain an insight into the practices of international business despite being located in Bulgaria.

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