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Job Interview

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Job Interview

As the process for applying for a new (or first) job does not only consist of documentation evaluation, all job-seekers should be prepared to go for an interview, too.

Depending on the complexity of the tasks the future employee will be performing there might be several interviews. Still if you are well prepared and have a strategy none of these interviews will turn out to be an obstacle for you.

The most important rules for candidates in the job interviewing process are: be well prepared and be confident.

Here are a few tips of how to prepare yourself for the job interview:

  • get acquainted with the name and short history of the company and be prepared to identify yourself with the values of the organization
  • examine closely the title and description of the position you are applying for; be prepared to talk about your experience and qualifications, as well as for your previous positions, responsibilities, successes and mistakes
  • familiarize yourself with the goals of the company and be able to answer questions on how you could contribute to better achieving those goals (if the organization is one of a larger size do such a research for the particular department’s objectives)
  • if the company is an international one you should be prepared to answer questions about it’s origins and the country where the headquarters are located (in international recruitment one can observe in general that many companies are proud about their particular culture)
  • be ready to answer questions on why you actually want to change your current workplace; inform yourself about the average level of compensation for the position in general and, if possible, in the specific organization, too
  • prepare all questions you were not able to find information for and you are interested in; take copies of your CV with you.

Not on the last place here are a few tips on how to look confident and make an overall good impression:

  • get dressed appropriately; arrive on time or up to 15 minutes earlier
  • introduce yourself friendly and do not forget to have a good firm handshake
  • give short and direct answers to the questions posed, still do not restrain to a simple yes/ no answers
  • maintain an eye contact with the interviewer(s) during the whole talk; show interest and enthusiasm for the job
  • have an idea what your final statement will be.

As you see, it’s not that hard, so good luck!

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