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SoRec Pro
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SoRec Pro

Bringing recruitment automation for all social channels to the next level.



Mobile Access for all business relevant features

Self-learning User Experience optimisation

Fully Automated replies to applicants

Big data Indexing - one stop point

Follow us on our great journey to the next level of recruitment automation.

Roadmap 2019-21

Strategy & Roadmap.

Visual & UX Design.


Launch & Monitor

Case Studies

Coming soon…

What We plan

We aim high – in this new market we want to become the technological leaders!

Approx. 50 % of features with Mobile access, incl. all KPIs

Making recruitment process measurable

Support for all relevant digital recruitment channels

User Centric recruitment Experiences

Human Consultants will reduce their workload per recruitment by 75 percent

Big data in action - GDPR-tailored for EU-usage

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