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Personnel Search and Executive Search in Bulgaria – Sofia, Plovdiv area and international permanent placements. Licensed since 2009.

Job vacancies

Our agency does not publish all positions we are recruiting for. We maintain a solid network of HR-contacts with companies we can connect suitable applicants with. Below are the links to the current openings on our Bulgarian website (most in English, some in Bulgarian language).

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Human Resources Management und Personalentwicklung Bulgarien

Our recruiting agency is a corporate member of the Bulgarian Association for People Management.


Recruitment Agencies in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian business is growing since the mid-1990s and it has been crucial for it to have all the necessary instruments accompanying the successful businesses in the world, one of them being namely the human resources management instrument and in particular the recruitment instrument. There already are professional recruitment agencies in Bulgaria and they are officially certified by the Bulgarian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. In such a way Bulgarian recruitment companies are permitted to operate on the Bulgarian as well as on the European and international market. And in particular within the European Union there are plenty of job opportunities for Bulgarians who want to continue with a career abroad.

Advantage of their services can take job seekers as well as employers. It is to be noted that most of the agencies provide the first group with free of charge assistance because they benefit financially from their business clients.

Professional agencies support with a solid understanding of the local job-market

What is the profit for people, looking for a job in Bulgaria? They get free of charge consultations on how to prepare their CV, cover letter and application documents, how to research certain company’s profile, how to prepare for an interview, how to present themselves in a proper way. Some of the agencies also offer assistance with the preparation of application packages serving before governmental institutions and organizations. When it comes to foreign citizens, Bulgarian recruitment agencies also have something to offer – assistance in issuing of work permits. Depending on the specific situation the last one could be paid by the applicant or by the company he or she has been hired by.

What is the profit for organizations? Recruitment agencies are an especially good decision for small-sized businesses not having the financial opportunity to develop a human resources department on their own (in such a way the companies are able to outsource that management function). Actually, what recruitment agencies’ clients get is not only the executive search, assessment and selection of applicants. They also receive an initial consultation on the company’s current and future needs regarding human resources management and development, which could later result in a more strategic positioning of the companies on the market.