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Jobs in recruitment in Bulgaria
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Jobs in recruitment in Bulgaria

As in any other sector, there are many rewarding jobs in recruitment, too. It is up to the person’s character which type of work suits them better – supporting the process or actively taking part in it. Someone who lacks a vision about his or her future career path but with a sure passion for recruiting can definitely start from the position of an administrator, become a recruitment researcher, be part of the screening and selection process, choose to be a member of the so called ‘onboarding’ company team, and thus develop into a full recruitment consultant.

Here is a selection of the most typical profiles of jobs in recruitment as they are business-standard in Bulgaria and internationally:

Recruitment administrator

The recruitment administrator keeps all HR systems, records and charts correct and updated on a weekly or monthly basis. The position also provides different teams with administrative support by assisting with timetables, programs, etc., and performs other Ad Hoc administrative duties.

Job analyst

Being a part of the job analysis team means performing analysis about the specific position’s objectives and characteristics. Usually such employees collect information about the development of the particular position along with the tasks and qualifications required.

Recruitment researcher

The recruitment researcher on the other hand is involved in mapping of departments and sections of the organizations, conduct researches on existing and potential clients, keeping up-to-date client databases. He collects, analyses and presents data about potential clients in different formats.

Recruitment consultant

When it comes to the recruitment consultant: he/she does the screening and selection part of the recruitment process. The job includes performing wide range of interviews, i.e. entrance interviews, exit interviews, company surveys, questionnaires, etc. Depending on the agencies they work for some consultants may use business management software tools or other internal software tools for the purpose of better and quicker screening and tracking of the most suitable candidates.

The onboarding team

Yet another interesting position in recruiting is the one in the ‘onboarding’ team. Its main task is to help new members of the organization better integrate within the company environment and easy understand the company culture so that they can fully develop their talent within the company in a short period of time.


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