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Conflict Management Training

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Conflict Management Training

Tense and emotional situations can escalate easily in the workplace – and develop a negative effect on the motivation and productivity, not only on the personnel directly involved in the particular conflict. We cooperate with a qualified psychologist and consultant in this field and offer to our clients seminars in which we teach your management in how to resolve difficult or uncomfortable situations and turn disagreements into productive workplace discussions.

In our training we will explain how workplace conflicts evolve, and introduce the best actionable techniques how to solve them. An unfriendly climate within a team is a lose-lose-situation and in no one’s interest. We show in real-life examples methods to stop the vicious circle of a workplace-conflict in a four-step model of conflict resolution. In essence, all team-members should understand that a new start will benefit all of them – and to bring into a classic win-win-situation.

Benefit from our Conflict Management Seminars in Bulgaria

If you want to learn more about our conflict management trainings in Sofia (or any other town, if your organization is able to compose a group of 5 to 12 for a two-day workshop) we are looking forward to your request. Beside of training your management staff in how to identify and solve conflicts we can also help you with sessions for individual staff members with intensive personal and/or professional strain. Make more out of your team!


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