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Background Check and Recruiting

Have you asked yourself whether the companies check the authenticity of the information you provided them within your CV and during the job interview? Should they believe you or should they check all your statements? Do they do it? The answer is: yes, they do it and they call it a background check or also a background investigation.

Why should they do it? The answer is: lots of people (up to 40% according to experts) fill in the wrong and misleading information on their resumes and employers cannot deal with the situation unless they do a pre-employment screening for all applicants. Background checks are mostly done for future employees who will work in organizations such as schools, hospitals, police departments, governmental institutions, airports, banks, etc. If you are going to do a mundane job but still operate with secure or delicate information there is an extremely high possibility that a background check for you will be done.

The background check generally includes three sub-checks of the applicant’s history: past employment, credit score, and criminal history. Your future employer though should inform you that the company will be investigating your credit history. If the company doesn’t do so, the pre-employment screening becomes very controversial as the information could be used illegally.

In the era of information subjects of screening are also personal blogs, pages in social media portals, posts, and comments. It is said that a good background hunter can trace your written expressed thoughts on the internet for up to two years preceding the moment of the check. So, be careful not to express racist, feminist, or any other extreme opinions on such platforms because for doing such a check the employer is not obliged to inform you (especially if your profiles are available on the web).
Pre-employment screening and background checks have even turned into a business: lots of companies specialize in the field and offer services such as identity checks (establishment of the applicant’s identity, address history,q, etc.), driver’s records (determines eligibility for driving a company or personal car for business use), criminal records (identification of criminal convictions), reference and credentialing (confirmation of the information provided on a resume and/or job application).

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